Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Great Expectations

Today we are hanging pictures. Well, strictly speaking, were hanging pictures. This is a job Dale hates, but one I insist on to make a new house feel like home. How fortunate for the new first family that the task is done for them.

I caught very little of yesterday’s inauguration day. At one point I had to turn the TV off while the president and his wife were walking along the parade route to the reviewing stand. It was the constant background roar of adulation that was disturbing and wearying. Later I watched briefly as the Howard University marching band passed the reviewing stand. By then it was already dark in D.C., and Barack and especially Michelle Obama looked very understandably exhausted and quite human.

This morning when I turned the TV on I was tuned into the national prayer service at the National Cathedral. First off, I heard a black choir sing "He holds the whole world in his hands." Fine enough, they did a good job, swaying etc. The music contrasted a bit with the traditional cathedral setting, but what actually took me back was the applause at the if it were a performance. Next a female pastor got up and said a prayer, then began "Mr. President....that has a great ring to it…" The whole house (pardon, church) burst into prolonged applause. I wondered where these people thought they were. It’s quite appropriate to recognize and honor our new president, but I’ve always thought the purpose of a church service to be affirming and honoring God.

I guess this observation falls into the “different strokes for different folks” category although many may assign it to simple nitpicking.

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