Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This Didn't Happen According to the News

An important conference the mainstream media has never heard of ends today in New York. A featured speaker at the global warming skeptics conference, sponsored by the Heartland Institute, was straight talking Vaclav Klaus, president of the Czech Republic and current president of the European Union.

Reason magazine reported the irrepressible "Klaus confessed that he was puzzled by the environmentalist ideologues' approach to technological progress. They oppose the technological progress that free unregulated markets make possible....environmentalists want to mandate what they call clean technologies. 'They want to operate technologies that have only one defect; they have not been invented.'

"Klaus added, 'There is no known and economically feasible a way for an economy to survive on expensive unreliable clean green energy.'"

And do economies need to? Reason reported keynote speaker Richard Lindzen, a climatologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, indicates the answer is no: "Lindzen cited some of his own research that shows that heat radiating into space from the atmosphere is much greater than the [global warming] computer climate models were predicting.

"The idea behind greenhouse warming is that greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide emitted from burning fossil fuels tend to trap heat from the sun. As the atmosphere warms up it holds more water vapor and produces more high thin clouds which in turn inhibit the emission of heat radiation increasing the temperature even more. It is this positive feedback loop that produces ever higher global temperatures in the computer climate models.

"[However,] Lindzen said that satellite data show that increases in temperature lead to increased emissions of heat radiation out of the top of the atmosphere. If confirmed, this would mean that the earth's climate is 'dominated by stabilizing negative feedbacks rather than destabilizing positive feedbacks.'"

Still, shouldn't we act "just in case"? Dr. E. Calvin Beisner, national spokesman for the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, and Roy Innis, CEO of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), don't believe so.

Onenewsnow.com quotes Dr. Beisner: "When the apostle Paul wrote [in] his epistle to the Galatians about his first meeting with the other apostles early in his ministry, he said 'They only asked us [Paul and his companions] to remember the poor, the very thing I also was eager to do.'" Beisner identifies his own concern with Paul's and says "Because much environmental policy has the consequence--whether it is intended or not; and sometimes I think it is intended--of raising the cost of living, it tends to have a serious negative impact on the world's poor."

Roy Innis, says onenewsnow, labeled "the fight against global warming and carbon cap-and-trade legislation the 'new civil rights movement.'" He said of President Obama's proposed energy policies, "you wonder how a guy could run for the presidency of the United States on a platform that is supposed to be rescuing the poor, doing all these things for the poor--and one of the most important jobs that the poor needs done for them is to make energy, the most basic of commodities, more available, dependable, [and] predictable in price for them."

Now if you are not a skeptic, here's some information from the American Energy Alliance on how the president's budget will increase energy prices for all, rich and poor: http://tinyurl.com/blzhgv.

And here's a composite debate between Al Gore (who avoids in person debate) in An Inconvenient Truth and various scientists in The Great Global Warming Swindle (GGWS): http://tinyurl.com/yt8qto. If you get a chance to see the entire GGWS, and you'll probably have to purchase the DVD to do so now, there's is a stunning expose of the damage the response to the alarmist global warming scenario imposes on third world countries.


  1. Bravo and thank you for your thorough coverage, Terro. Let's add "critical thinker" to your mixed bag of tricks.


  2. So many times we don't look behind what sounds so good on the surface...or, in the case of global warming hysteria, what sounds so bad!

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