Friday, June 5, 2009

We're Not Your Friends No More!

Here's the reaction from Israel to Obama's speech to the Arab world. Caroline Glick, an editor of The Jerusalem Post, writes:

US President Barack Obama claims to be a big fan of telling the truth. In media interviews ahead of his trip to Saudi Arabia and Egypt and during his big speech in Cairo on Thursday, he claimed that the centerpiece of his Middle East policy is his willingness to tell people hard truths. Indeed, Obama made three references to the need to tell the truth in his so-called address to the Muslim world.

Unfortunately, for a speech billed as an exercise in truth telling, Obama's address fell short. Far from reflecting hard truths, Obama's speech reflected political convenience....

And Glick concludes: By his words as well as by his deeds, not only has Obama shown that he is not a friend of Israel. He has shown that there is nothing that Israel can do to make him change his mind.

the full indictment here: Charles Krauthammer has a similar take here:


  1. The internet can be so distracting! I was doing a search for Terro Ant bait(seriously) and stumbled upon your blog via google. 25 minutes later I share and appreciate your views. I think Obama just reads what is coming out of the telepromter whether it is right or wrong and 51% of the people are mesmerized without actually listening. Just words, Just speeches-Just wrong.

  2. Thanks for visiting, Whit, and I hope you'll return. I have, indeed, recently discovered the existence of Terro Ant Bait, but we're not related.

    Like you, I think our president is "just words, just speeches, just wrong." But unfortunately, "just" doesn't do justice to the enormity of his errors in perception and policy. I guess we can say he has brought "change" as he promised; unfortunately, it is change to the foundational economic and legal structure of our nation.