Friday, January 22, 2010

God Forgive Us For We Have Sinned

    But when Jesus saw it, he...said unto them, Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.           Mark 10:14

Today marks the 37th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Roe v. Wade and below is telling commentary from today’s edition of  Erick Erickson’s Redstate morning briefing:
Almost four decades later, somewhere around 50 million unborn children have been victimized by the breathtaking arrogance of the Court. They committed no crimes, were afforded no due process or trials at all, and every appeal made on their behalf has fallen on deaf ears. They have been killed in the most brutal ways imaginable, unceremoniously sucked from their mother’s wombs, and carelessly discarded without even the dignity of an unmarked grave. Every reasonable effort to curb the abuses of the system that has produced these gruesome results has been summarily rejected by society’s robed masters. And so the carnage marches on.
The truth that these children are biologically human and biologically distinct from their mothers is beyond question to anyone who believes in the most basic tenets of science. Why, then, are they declared so totally bereft of rights in our society? The fact that a woman can, with the protection of the law, kill her child on the day of its planned full-term delivery, indicates clearly that the only answer to this question is “physical location within their mother’s womb.” If a child is in this place, it may be killed with impunity; if it is in another, to kill it is murder. Even the more generous (but less accurate) characterization of the Court’s jurisprudence as respecting “stages of development” rather than physical location provides us no more satisfactory answer. If a child can be kllled with impunity because it has not reached 24 weeks’ gestational age, why may it not be killed because it hasn’t reached its first birthday? Or puberty? Logic and reason provide no defensible answer to these questions, because in the legalized abortion regime, logic and reason - like science and law - have been sacrificed on the altar of self-aggrandizement and convenience at any cost.
The evil Roe v. Wade has wrought has cheapened and weakened our society. It has decimated minority population growth, especially among African-Americans. It has caused us to devalue the handicapped and less fortunate, as mothers who carry these precious children to full term are now somehow thought to be less responsible for the decision. The damage to the fabric of the family itself - the most basic building block of our society - has been incalculable.

The good news, I suppose, is that more and more women, particularly young women are turning from the evil of abortion and having their babies. They deserve our praise and support. But for redemption as a society, a nation, we need to condemn and end the legal killing of God's most innocent beings, and we need, practically, to provide loving homes with a father and a mother so much as possible for all our children. 

Although the ideal two parent family is not universally obtainable, we need to affirm it as our goal at the same time as we reach out with compassion to help single mothers and fathers and children who are orphaned or not able, for one reason or another, to live in their parents' home. Christians are called to be child centric, and good people of any belief need to recognize and support the vulnerable child's need to be loved and secure in a stable home.

    ...Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.         Matthew 10:4

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