Sunday, February 21, 2010

Holy Moses!!!

"Holy Moses" were the exact words out of my mouth as I walked out of the bedroom this morning and looked out the office window: snow and lots of it! But this has just given me an extra opportunity to try out my new camera, a point and shoot Sony Cybershot DSC H20.

I chose a point and shoot because I've become quite the klutz with my DSLR, missing most of the good low-light shots I really wanted to capture (and I hate flash, with which I've always been unsuccessful). I've had the new camera for three days now, and I am very pleased. It is almost klutz-proof (the exceptions being when my granddaughter Ione chooses to move too  abruptly). With a memory stick PRO-HG Duo, the pictures load zippily into iPhoto, and that certainly is a change from the past.

Here are some of my shots from Friday:

Maddox in his "Mohawk"..."The kids (at pre-school) laughed and laughed." And it was a good day..."no time outs," he reported on his arrival home. Hurrah! He gets to watch "Toy Story."

Meanwhile, Ione and I hung out together: and she took some advantage of her brother's absence to test out his clothes and the toys he's outgrown, but not entirely, not completely enough to really want to share with a little sister.

And Saturday, Grandma stayed home and baked tomato soup muffins for church on Sunday, which (due to the Sunday morning scene outside) never made it to our church that is 40 miles away.

So the kids came out to play:

...and to snitch graham crackers...

and to tell Dad all about it.


  1. What a special weekend. I love picture stories -- and especially when kids are the main characters. You have some precious people there...

    I have a Sony Cybershot, but asked for a smaller camera to carry in my purse. I love them both, not being a photographer and needing something that thinks for me. (I also do not use flash because it wipes out color and form. Eewww.)

  2. Hi Terro .. love the pictures of the little ones - and your dump of snow - the outside looks beautiful. But the grandchildren are wonderful and sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog on the wild trip across the Atlantic in the 1700 and 1800s - really terrifying. Hope you got my email? and will reply to it?

    Thanks - Hilary

  3. Hi Barb and Hilary,
    Kids really are so much fun...and it was so nice to have an unexpected "snow day" to enjoy, just when I'd been complaining about winter dragging on. I guess that proves we don't always know what's best for us...or maybe that I still need to work on that patience thing!

    Thanks for your comments, and thanks, Hilary, for the tip on the spelling problem with my web address. I imagine you have received my response.

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