Friday, April 10, 2009

Agressive Action?

I've just been listening to Fox News, and I heard the president is meeting with advisers to take "aggressive action"...but not against the pirates holding an American sea captain hostage on a life raft in close proximity to a U.S. Navy destroyer. This "aggressive action" will be on the economy...or, as the trend seems lately, against the capitalist base of the economy while our once proud Navy writhes in frustration over imposed inaction. To my knowledge, President Obama has made no comment on this humiliation. He apologizes only to foreign critics. Hopefully, I'm wrong and plans are being made to rescue Captain Richard Phillips and destroy the seat of 21st century piracy. Of course, it could go the other way. Unlike Thomas Jefferson, Barack Obama may decide that paying ransom is less expensive than funding a strong Navy.


  1. The captain has been recused and great day and a happy Easter for his family. Two quesions remain--did Obama order the attack on the pirates or did the Navy get tired of waiting to get the word to go ahead from the White House. And finally will action be taken against the pirate strongholds along the coast. We will wait and see which way our "Great Leader" takes us.

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  2. Hi Ron,
    I am happy to have been proven wrong, happy that Captain Philips was rescued. And I am very very proud of our Navy. I give the president credit for authorizing the use of force, but I am still disturbed at the drift of his foreign policy. There is an excellent analysis of that policy so far by Caroline Glick, an editor of The Jerusalem Post, on the Jewish World Review website:

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